Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Trail work on Cerro Alto

December 26 , 2016 Cerro Alto trail work

Trail fun again , this time I used a battery powered saw and was given some help by a Cal fire  Crew who were training on the mountain .
Thanks Cal Fire


hiking head lamps

Hiking Gear

Often I share my preference in hiking and backing gear and once again I feel obligated  to share this gear .
 head lamp made by Ledlenser  , I love this lamp as it has a rheostat allowing you to adjust the brightness of the lamp . a few weeks ago I called ledlenser to order a new one as my lamp was suffering severe wear and tear as I use it on trail several times a week and also use it on several back packing adventures a year . In conversation with a customer service agent at Ledlenser I shared mt story of a damaged head lamp and  I was told of a warranty of 5 years . I explained I had the lamp for over three years and no receipt of purchase , she directed me to send the unit in for repair , I did so and the company mailed me a new up dated version that had many more practical features than my old one . I not only find this new lamp superior to my old lamp I am also very impressed with their warranty and service !
This lamp is awesome

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Cerro Alto a Dog Friendly trail

Hiking with dogs on Cerro Alto


11-5-16 , Saturday was a fun hike on Cerro Alto , I met a lot of fun hikers , I especially enjoyed seeing a group of four hikers with their dogs .   This group did not make it up to the summit but they promised to try again .


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Cerro alto hike

Saturday 10-29-16 beautiful weather hike on Cerro Alto . On the canyon trail lots of Lady Bugs and hiking traffic . We encountered  a beautiful young couple enjoying the Lady Bugs , we later met this couple enjoying the views at the summit . My dog Sierra poses with the couple for a photo .

Cerro Alto

Friday , 10-28-16 Hiking Cerro Alto just after a rain , beautiful vivid colors , fresh air , water puddles on the trail , my dog Sierra enjoying drinking from puddles , baby Miners lettuce , clouds opening up with a promise of sunshine , salamanders on wet trails ,life is great .

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Boy Scout Trail


Boy Scout Trail at Cerro Alto

entering the Boy Scout Trail
below a view of Morro bay from the Scout trail

View of Cerro Alto from the red trail

Rinconada Trail

Rinconada Trail
Rinconada Trail hike this week was a classic Fall season hike , the weather cool , colors beautiful and the clouds were gathering with a promise of rain . My dog sierra loved the cool breeze . Below is a two minute video of my hike , I hope you enjoy .

Friday, September 23, 2016

New Cerro Alto Hiker

New Cerro Alto Hiker 

I met this strong hiker on Cerro Alto yesterday , she enjoyed her summit with her dog , both enjoyed getting acquainted with Sierra  ( my Shepard ) . Amanda is this hiker's name and she is new to the north co. of San Luis Obispo . she moved here from Colorado and is a avid hiker , having hiked most of the 14 er .s of Colorado . I suggested some local long hikes per her request and she is looking forward to attempting them  . I asked her how she liked cerro Alto and she said this is a good hike and will do it again . 
Amanda , welcome to Cerro Alto

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cerro Alto and my hiking friend Sierra

Sierra is sporting a new day pack by Ruff Wear . this is a sleek hydration pack 

I think Sierra likes the freedom of the design of this pack as you can see below in the comparison photos . The orange color pack is the Approach pack that she wore daily for years and the new grey slender pack is the Single Track hydration pack that holds 32 oz of water , enough for short 6 mile day hikes in warm weather . Sierra weighs 85 lbs. and hikes daily . Sierra now has three sizes of packs . 

below the Approach pack that Sierra wore daily for four years ,  this pack worked great and allowed for carrying several bottles of water , enough for long hot day hikes up to 20 miles long 
.She could run and play with this pack , but in the brush it presented more  work .
We are happy with new slender pack as she moves with more freedom in more technical terrain  . See photos of Sierra running into deep snd steep ravine .
New sleek day pack below .

Sierra running with her new sleek day pack into a deep ravine .

Cerro Alto and native plants , wild life

September 2016 
The Coffee Berry is ripe again , very sweet and attracting bears to the ATT trail on Cerro Alto again .
Note the bead scatt below . , be carefull when hiking evening and early morning hours .
The FQuail are also feasting .

bear scatt and coffee berries .

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Emigrant Wilderness

Emigrant Wilderness 
I celebrated my 77th birthday backpacking with Mark and my dog Sierra in the Emigrant wilderness August 2016 . the weather was great and the vistas beautiful . We met a lot of beautiful folks and Sierra made many friends .  We accessed from Modesto Ca. via hwy 108  , obtained permits at Pine Crest ranger station . Water is plentiful along rout to Emigrant Lake . One letter of water at any time .
The elevation gain is moderate at best .

Myself and Sierra 


Myself and Sierra below

Small tree splitting a rock below 

on aday hike I forgot Sierra's dish and I had to feed her in my hand . Bad deal 

Below Sierra befriending a ranger

Met this young man , Michael below who knew my grandson Michael .
Small world .

Sierra making friends with hikers below