Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Emigrant Wilderness

Emigrant Wilderness 
I celebrated my 77th birthday backpacking with Mark and my dog Sierra in the Emigrant wilderness August 2016 . the weather was great and the vistas beautiful . We met a lot of beautiful folks and Sierra made many friends .  We accessed from Modesto Ca. via hwy 108  , obtained permits at Pine Crest ranger station . Water is plentiful along rout to Emigrant Lake . One letter of water at any time .
The elevation gain is moderate at best .

Myself and Sierra 


Myself and Sierra below

Small tree splitting a rock below 

on aday hike I forgot Sierra's dish and I had to feed her in my hand . Bad deal 

Below Sierra befriending a ranger

Met this young man , Michael below who knew my grandson Michael .
Small world .

Sierra making friends with hikers below 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Cerro Alto and Interesting People

Sunday July 31 st on Cerro Alto 
I met this beautiful couple hiking the mountain , 
Samantha and Andy from Laguna  Hills Ca. 
I hope I got the information as my recorder malfunctioned at  the summit due to high wind . 
Late afternoon weather was beautiful with temperatures in the upper 70s after 5 PM. 
H enjoyed hiking with this couple and sharing local ;geographical and trail information .

They both enjoyed Sierra ( my dog ) and that always warms my heart !

Monday, July 18, 2016

Cerro Alto and interesting people I meet daily

Yesterday I met this lovely young lady on Cerro Alto , her name is Erin , and has a brother Andrew 
 My son Luis photographed her soccer photos when she was in school and he coached her brother in cross country running team .  Small world . She is from Santa Maria and the last name I believe is Hocks .?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cerro Alto entertainment

Beautiful hiking on Cerro Alto , great weather , and great music .
What a treat to be entertained by a beautiful hiker from Santa Maria , 
Jill hiked up and down Cerro Alto mountain while entertaining other hikers . Very special .
My dog Sierra fell in love with her .

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cerro Alto late hike

Yesterday I had an interesting hike on Cerro Alto as I hiked late to avoid the heat of the day . I first met two fun little boys Carter and Ryan with dad Kent , They were visiting from Tempe Arizona .
As I was descending at sunset I met a young couple who are regulars and they were sporting new backing gear and training for their hike to Sykes in the Ventana wilderness . Their dog too was in training with a new pack . They were climbing up an were prepared to hike in the dark as they descending . I love seeing adventurous young people hiking . I only wish I could remember their names . If they see this post I hope they contact me at

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cerro Alto Summer hiking

Cerro Alto early Summer beauty 

below are photos of the Madrone tree shedding . This tree is native to the north coast and produces beautiful hard wood , it also produces a berry in the fall that wild life love to eat . Native Americans also ate the berry . 
Below is a photo of leafs on a Bay Laurel tree , This leaf is used as a seasoning , The berry / seed is eaten by wild life , and in the fall the berry drops to the ground and then it is edible for humans as the natives of long ago ate this as a supplement food and used it for medicinal purposes making a topical ointment for skin and joint ailments . Good medicine for poison oak . 

Below is a Bay Laurel leaf and berry / seed 

The Wood Pecker was shot with a small point and shoot camera from a distance of approx. 200 ft. I got lucky .

Note that these photos were made late into the evening as the heat wave made me hike late for the past ten days in order to enjoy some cooler weather .  A couple I hiked late into the night . 9 and 10 PM>

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cerro Alto and Hking with dogs

Hot weather on Cerro Alto 

For the last three days ( 18, 19 20 th ) it has been hotter than hell on Ceeo Alto  , yesterday at 6 PM it was 92 degrees at the trail.head . I spent more time letting Sierra play in the water than I did hiking . She loves the water , the heat not so much . We started up the canyon trail at 6 pm and took our time reaching the four way intersection  ( 1.7 miles ) one hour passed and the temp dropped 10 degrees making the balance of the hike bearable for Sierra . Remember that dogs can't take the heat like humans can . At this  hour the shadows are long and Sierra was in the shade most of the time . Remember that Sierra and I hike seven days a week so she is in good shape .  If you are new at hiking with a dog , please read the suggestions I have posted on the subject listed on the right column under " Labels " , ( hiking with dogs ) there you will find advice on water needs for warmer temperatures , over heating symptoms for dogs and proper care .