Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interesting People #2

A couple of days ago I posted photos of two Cal Fire employees . Today I had opportunity to hike up the Cerro alto mountain with Jennifer . Again I must say I was impressed . Her pace was fast and she was very focused . At the top I enjoyed the conversation with her and her friend .In the photo of myself and her , I am holding the water bag containing 5 gallons of water weighing 40 lbs. I also noted she was carrying other gear plus a drinking water supply . Good work !!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Falls up date

A few more shots of Big Falls
canyon , all are in the canyon except the rocky slope which is the
rinconada trail head at High Mt
rd. The lady is a lost runner , Jim is helping her read her map. He loves lady rescue work !!

Be sure to enjoy the short video of the falls at the bottom of the page.

The Big Falls located off High mountain e/o Santa Margarita Ca in the Los Padres National forest . Jim and I hiked from the park lot of the Rinconada trail head to High Mt Rd. and down the Big Falls Trail and then returned -- Approximately 16 miles . This is the first time I video recorded the falls . For more still photos see earlier postings .

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pine Ridfe Trail May 2011

1s week or May 2011 , on the Pine Ridge Trail in the Ventana Wilderness again. I love this wilderness . My hiking companion is is a young athlete , John Hacker of Atascadero Ca . this trail adventure starts at China Camp trail head located on Tassahara rd west of Greenfield Ca. We were a little too early for the spring colors , the weather was cool , the nights cold in the low 30s . en route we met CCC crew on horse back at a very narrow part of the trail , it was difficult to make room for them to pass . I was impressed with the trail work they did , note some of the photos of them working and the clean trail ! Our first night was in Pine Valley where we had to visit Jack English a 93 year old man who lives in a primitive style , That is him with me , he is wearing thew brown jacket . Jack seems i good health . He says he will love the strawberries ands chocolate I took to him .

That's me below , nice having a photographer along on thew hike ! Thanks John .

This profile is of John with Junipero Sierra mountain behind him .

Check out the clean trail , thanks to the hard work of the CCC .

Dangerous trail !

This marker was left on Ventana Cone South mountain , nobody was around ?

On The valley floor ---- for more valley photos see Pine Ridge fall posting of November 2010 .

Above is John demonstrating the proper method of starting a camp fire .

The intersection to the Pine Ridge camp area , last time I was here there was no signs or markings .

Sunrise at ridge camp .

Twin Peaks as seen from the ridge , this view is looking south west .

Sunset from the ridge .

strange view looking north west from the ridge .

View south west and below the ridge , that is the Pine ridge trail going down to the coast .

From top of the mountain just north of our camp on the ridge , look carefully and you will see a tent .

close up photo of the Pine Ridge trail continuing to the coast .
For more photos of the Pine Ridge , see Pine Ridge Trail Fall Colors , November 2010

Thanks !

Friday, May 6, 2011

Touch of Spring on Cerro Alto

Once again , on Cerro alto Mountain -- Los Padres Forrest _ I am enjoying spring . The photo ops are endless . This year is a especially good year in the wilderness as water has been plentiful two years consecutively . Animal and plant life is thriving ! Butterflies and bees have caught my attention this spring , here you will see blue , brown ,black and white butterflies . The bees enjoy high country black sage blooms . I wonder what the honey from these blooms tastes like ?
The Yucca and Manzanita are doing well . Note the bears love to eat both along with Black Sage blooms .
Great year . I also remind you that the local natives in years past enjoyed these as food sources . The Yucca stalk yielded good liquid and then were roasted for eating . The Manzanita made tea. The Bay Laurel is best at the top of the mountain . The Blue Sage is very delightful this year and is all over the mountain . The Indian Paint Brush suffered from late frost , but the Lupines and the cream Cups are doing super . All and all mid and late blooming plant life should also do great this year . The creeks will be filled with Elderberries and mushrooms . Note that the elderberry is a late season food source for the bears so don't startle them in the creek beds !
Bush Bunnies are especially fat this year and plentiful and the Turkey Vultures are keeping a close eye on things . All in all , life is great on the mountain this spring . Spring is all over from the Yerba Santa to the Morning Glories . Enjoy and keep on hiking !!

Monday, May 2, 2011

interesting people on the mountain # 1

Cerro Alto , my home mountain , love this place . yesterday I returned from a short backpacking trip on the pine Ridge trail in the Ventana Wilderness , now I am enjoying the afterglow from that trip , more about that later . Today I am going to start posting a series of interesting people on Cerro Alto mountain . I start with a scene I have often enjoyed , dedicated people who train their bodies to serve and protect us . The first is a Cal Fire man carrying a heavy load and wearing heavy clothing and helmet on a warm spring day. I forget his name but he has served for 16 years and this is how he prepares for fire season every year and I note that this is his day off !! Occasionally , In meet some firemen from my town of Atascadero Ca. , 7 miles from this mountain on US 101 . I have a grandson , a captain on the fire department . His men also train on their own time , I love seeing them and recognize some of them . The second two photos are a young lady Cal Fire person named Jennifer . Each of these photos I took on different hikes . I have met her on the trail 3 times this spring and I am very impressed with her focus on physical fitness . She carries the bag she is holding filled with 5 gallons of water , weighing 40 lbs. along with her other equipment . At the top of the mountain she empties the bag . Once again SHE IS DOING THIS TRAINING ON HER OWN TIME ! Today I met her on her way down the mountain . I have met forest service employees on many trails in the state and am always impressed with their work !---- Thank You to all of you who work so hard to make the wilderness a better and safer place !!