Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Regarding my Tuolumne River adventure . I forgot to mention I had misshapes with two of my favorite backpacking tools . The Liki hiking poles and my Steri Pen  (a 6 oz. tool used to purify water ) ; however , both companies have responded within a week of my request of service by supplying me with new products at no cost to me !!
Wild flowers to both companies !
On a serious note , great equipment is important where both
equipment performance , and customer service rule !
And for old guys like me  ( I turned 73 on this trip ) equipment weight is serious business also !

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuolumne River Canyon

August 1st , 2012
Pack trip was The Grand Canyon of The Tuolumne River ............

The above trip starts out north/ east of Tuolumne Meadows in the California Sierras .
Adam , Wayne and myself ( Joe Ramirez ) made this hike in eight  days . We traveled approximately 63 miles and made 15,000 ft. of elevation gain . The weather was unseasonably warm to hot and this required us to hike early mornings  ( 6 am starts ) .This trip ranks as one of the prettiest journeys of all . We started our hike n/e 4 miles to Glen Aulin camp and continued on another 5 miles to our first night camp at Elbow Hill , located in Cold Canyon in the shadows of Sheep Peak , a 11842 ft mountain . This was a great place to enjoy a sunset as we camped on a bench overlooking a meadow .The following morning we continued up Mc Cabe Lake Were we camped and fished .
Day 3 we hiked to Miller lake where we camped and fished again . On day 5 we crossed the Benson Pass and made our way up to Snedberg lake for a little more fishing and camping . Day 6 we day hiked to Murdoc lake , but remained camped at Snedberg Lake . Day 7 we hiked a decent of approximately 4,000. ft on a rugged trail to Pate Valleywhere we camped and recovered from the difficult day's hike . Day 8 we traveled along the Tuolumne River and out to Tuolumne Meadows while hiking some 15 miles and gaining some 3300 ft. This was a grueling day with hot weather , but the water fall encounters were spectacular ! All and All  , the trip was gorgeous and the fishing was good . In advance ,  I apologize to my hiking partners for any errors in my recall of the above events .
special note : we met some beautiful people on this trip as you can see in some of the photos I have posted . Sara , posed near the water fall at Glen Aulin , the teachers with the hiking students from the high school I forget the name of and Greg the smiling Ranger who I found to be a very efficient and caring person .
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