Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cerro Alto and my hiking friend Sierra

Sierra is sporting a new day pack by Ruff Wear . this is a sleek hydration pack 

I think Sierra likes the freedom of the design of this pack as you can see below in the comparison photos . The orange color pack is the Approach pack that she wore daily for years and the new grey slender pack is the Single Track hydration pack that holds 32 oz of water , enough for short 6 mile day hikes in warm weather . Sierra weighs 85 lbs. and hikes daily . Sierra now has three sizes of packs . 

below the Approach pack that Sierra wore daily for four years ,  this pack worked great and allowed for carrying several bottles of water , enough for long hot day hikes up to 20 miles long 
.She could run and play with this pack , but in the brush it presented more  work .
We are happy with new slender pack as she moves with more freedom in more technical terrain  . See photos of Sierra running into deep snd steep ravine .
New sleek day pack below .

Sierra running with her new sleek day pack into a deep ravine .

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