Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cerro Alto horses at the top

Cerro alto in the Los Padres national Forrest located on hwy 41 west of Atascadero Ca .

Once again I am pleasantly surprised by a beautiful image at the top !

Monday, September 5, 2011

Rae Lake Loop

August 29 , Monday evening at Cedar Grove Camp area , yep , that's me by the camp fire enjoying a cold Sierra Nevada Beer . I followed this up with a choice rib eye steak cooked over an apple wood fire . I washed my meal down with a bottle of Opolo Zin !! The only sad part of this evening was that I did not finish the wine and had to leave a third of a bottle behind in order to have a clear head in the morning .

On August 30 , 8 am I pick up my permit at Road's End ranger station and meet up with my grand son Matt Miranda a 30 year old fire captain of Atascadero Ca. I have been very excited about this trip with him for a very long time . It is his first backpacking trip !

This Rae Lake Loop is 44 miles long starting at Road's End on Wood Creek

at the 5000 ft. level climbing up to Mist Falls , Paradise Valley , Woods crossing where it connects with the JMT and then climbs up to the Rae Lakes ( above 10,000 ft ) . The trail then goes over the Glenn Pass , a 12,000 ft. pass enjoying much snow this year !

Aug. 30 Matt and I travel to Mist Falls , then to Middle Paradise Valley , a 7.5 mile trek which included Mist falls on the east side of the trail and Buck Peak on the west side ( a 8800 ft. peak ) .This leg of the journey is flat for the first 2.5 miles and then climbs gently to a 6680 ft. elevation

Matt enjoying a mule pack train , a method of transporting supplies into the ranger stations ,high sierra camps , and trail maintenance crews .

Shots of Matt and myself approaching Mist Falls.

Mist Falls-------------------------

Mist Falls -------------------------

On day 2 , Matt and I met Wayne Howard of Atascadero Ca. at Woods Creek crossing where we stayed one night. Here we hooked up with wayne .this was a prearranged plan that worked ! Wayne was in the process of finishing a through hike on the JMT , a 220 mike trek . The next day we hiked to Rae Lake ( home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the King,s Canyon .

After arriving at Rae Lakes , we all parted company with each leaving on their individual adventure ! Imloved this idea .

The Painted Lady ,my favorite mountain in the sierras . I love the warm colors .

Fin Mountain
This mountain , a must climb for climbers from all over the word !3 years ago Wayne and myself stayed here and fished for two days . We also ,met a girl named James who climbed this mountain free style !

The Painted Lady in early morning light !!!!!

Me again ,on my slo adventure !

Starting my climb up to Glenn Pass .

Glenn Pass ahead.

rest stop before reaching Glenn Pass .

Me resting and looking at Glenn Pass.

Glenn Pass , 1200 ft . tall 1600 ft of elevation gain in less than a mile distance .

Some snow made climbing a challenge !

Typical going on the pass .

First view from the top of the pass .

Me at the top of the pass . This is where I ate lunch .

.a hiker resting at the top of the pass .

A look down at the switch backs on the other side of the pass . ( east side ) Note the two hikers at the lower side.

Myself on the east side of the pass .

Ranger checking my permit .

They really do check for permits .

Deer at Vidette Meadows where I stayed after crossing the Glenn Pass . I was eating breakfast and enjoying the view ! I enjoyed this view so much that I started my hiking late an d had to hike late into the evenning .

Young men crossing swift Bubs Creek at East Lake trail .


They are happy to have made it without falling !

Two girls I met at Sphinx crossing camp area just 4 miles from exiting at Roads End. Note the tassles on their caps to keep the bugs away . great idea !!

Thanks for enjoying my trip .