Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cerro Alto
in December 2013
Cerro Alto located in San Luis Obispo Co. of Calif. Highway 41 near Atascadero .
Just a couple of photos to share evening hiking experience on the west ridge of Cerro Alto

Please remember to take a flashlight and warm clothing with you at this time of the year as it gets dark and very cold  early at this time of the year !

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cerro Alto
Deer Season
Aug the 12th. Sierra and I enjoyed our hike to the summit of Cerro Alto as you can see Sierra at the top of the mountain . on the way back down Sierra was shot on the right side by a careless hunter from a distance of 4/10 mile . The photo with the bullet wound was taken after her visit to the emergency hospital . Several shots struck around us she was hit with one .
Folks be careful , there are some very careless hunters out there . It is my opinion that hunting should be prohibited in hiking trail areas such Cerro Alto located on Highway 41 between Morro Bay and Atascadero Ca. in SLO Co.
The hiking traffic here is very heavy .
Sierra below before she was shot.
wound after hospital treatment

Sierra is now improving fast and hiking
short distances . We were lucky that the bullet traveled a long distance and lost much of it's power . No broken bones
Just pain and hurt feelings and much anger !

Bear creek trail

Bear Creek Trail

August 5th --- Bear Creek Trail located in Mono Co Ca. in the high sierras .
We started our adventure with dinner at a wonderful little resort called Vermilion Resort  , located at Edison Lake approximately 55 miles east of Fresno Ca. on highway 168 . The food here is very good and reasonably priced . The folks working here are very friendly and helpful . The hikers for the most part are thru hikers who stop off here for resupply . The beer is cold the wine good ! Evening bond fire is warm and magnetic as it draws campers for an exchange of hiking stories .
Our trail began at the diversion dam after a short 4 wheel drive adventure across granite trail . We hiked north east for approx. 9 miles to the PCT trail and then south east for a few miles , making base camp 22 degrees north east of Mt Hooper at the 9000 ft.  elevation on the PCT. We day hiked up to Rose Lake located south west of base camp at the 10500. ft. elevation . The lake was beautiful , the fishing -- not so good .All and all the adventure was great , views spectacular , my travel companions -- the best --- Leah , her father Wayne , and my dog Sierra .The weather was great for hiking with highs in the upper 70s and lows in the mid 30s  

I celebrated my74th. birthday

August 8th. with my friends

and a fine cigar and brandy . 

 below granite trail leading to diversion dam


below is Sierra

Leah and dad Wayne

Sierra below showing off her skill as a trail carrying 15 lbs.

Myself and Sierra resting

Sierra guarding Wayne as he fishes below.

This lady was camping alone at the lake .

Sierra making friends again below.

66 year old hiker below traveling alone .

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cerro Alto 4th of July

Cerro Alto Hosts
4Th of July
Celebrating Hikers
above couple enjoy some beer under a shelter at the top
on a hot day on the 4th.
Note the shelter overlooks the ocean .

This group is also at the summit and pose with my dog Sierra
who always enjoys hikers .
Interesting note is the girl on the left is Victoria and we met on this mountain
a year ago and she remembered that encounter . This is an experience I often encounter and enjoy
as many folks who only occasionally visit this mountain consider this mountain
a very special hike !!
below are photos of Manzanita beery these are a favorite food for bears and a few years ago
they were eaten about as fast as they ripened , but now with the increased hiker traffic
due to Internet exposure , these berry is left to dry and fall to the ground as wild life
now shy away from these trails . The wild life now have moved more to the north where hiking trails are non existent .
Below are photos of Sweet Peas now in bloom on the Scout Trail,
noteworthy is in the Spring these can be seen along the highways in this
county and many other locations !

Cerro Alto is a daily hike for me and is located on Highway 41 between Atascadero and Morro Bay in California on the central coast .`

Monday, May 13, 2013

Pine Valley May 2013
Thursday May 13th Mark and I hiked the Pine Ridge to Pine Valley , starting at China camp located west of Greenfield Ca .
 The weather was great on the day of entry but a heat wave was arriving and on Saturday temperatures reached 100 plus on the ridge between China camp and Pine valley making a 6 AM exit necessary to beat the peak heat on Saturday and we still hiked in 97 degree weather in the sun on the exposed ridge . the exit was tough !
The valley weather was beautiful with  warm evenings and beautiful mornings as the following photos will illustrate .The flowers were on the ridge .
We made a day hike towards the Pine Ridge camp , the trail was in good condition and showed signs of recent trail work . Thanks guys !
I have included my dog Sierra in many photos as I am proud of her development and trail skills , she loved the trip and did well in the heat . She hikes daily and is now 15 months old weighing 65 lbs . she wore a new pack carrying 13 lbs. Note she hikes with a pack daily but this was her largest pack and heaviest load .
Mark and Sierra at the China Camp trail head

looking towards the Caves

Junipero Serra a 5600 ft. peak

camp fire at Pine Valley

morning light in Pine Valley next 5 photos

Sierra in morning light in Pine Valley

Mark on Pine Ridge valley trail
west of Church Creek devide

young Boy Scouts on day hike to Big Sur