Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Monday, May 13, 2013

Pine Valley May 2013
Thursday May 13th Mark and I hiked the Pine Ridge to Pine Valley , starting at China camp located west of Greenfield Ca .
 The weather was great on the day of entry but a heat wave was arriving and on Saturday temperatures reached 100 plus on the ridge between China camp and Pine valley making a 6 AM exit necessary to beat the peak heat on Saturday and we still hiked in 97 degree weather in the sun on the exposed ridge . the exit was tough !
The valley weather was beautiful with  warm evenings and beautiful mornings as the following photos will illustrate .The flowers were on the ridge .
We made a day hike towards the Pine Ridge camp , the trail was in good condition and showed signs of recent trail work . Thanks guys !
I have included my dog Sierra in many photos as I am proud of her development and trail skills , she loved the trip and did well in the heat . She hikes daily and is now 15 months old weighing 65 lbs . she wore a new pack carrying 13 lbs. Note she hikes with a pack daily but this was her largest pack and heaviest load .
Mark and Sierra at the China Camp trail head

looking towards the Caves

Junipero Serra a 5600 ft. peak

camp fire at Pine Valley

morning light in Pine Valley next 5 photos

Sierra in morning light in Pine Valley

Mark on Pine Ridge valley trail
west of Church Creek devide

young Boy Scouts on day hike to Big Sur



Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cerro Alto
Joe and Sierra sport new packs .
Just thought it is time to update photos of Sierra and my self as we now have new equipment for the summer . Sierra is now sixteen months old weighing 65 pounds and daily improving in her trail skills .
And as for my age and weight --- well let us just say this old great grandpa is a year older and feeling pretty damn good !
These photos were taken at the summit of Cerro Alto
a 2600 ft peak located in the Los Padres National Forest
in San Luis Obispo Co .

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Junipero Serra Mountain
5600 ft peak
Sat ,April 27 Wayne , Autumn , myself and my dog Sierra and Autumn's dog Barlow hiked this tall mountain that has a 4200 ft gain and 98 degree weather . The dogs suffered  and made this adventure a lot more challenging , but all in all we had a great time . We started at 8 am and were back at the trail head by 5 pm . Both dogs hit the wall . The night before  Wayne and I enjoyed a valley hike  and  a fine dinner with wine at Memorial Park at the trail head . The evening after hiking the mountain we enjoyed   cold beer , wine , steak dinner , and live campfire music ! 
Below are photos from the valley below at the trail head and one from the top .

Sierra always enjoys a view !

The wild flowers were knee deep and Sierra is in fact standing up

Very interesting hikers -- note the Junipero mountain in the background .
The girls have their hiking gear and water supply -- note the hiking shoes hanging from the girl's neck !

Sierra always finds friends !

an eagle's nest

Wayne signing in at the trail head
 Wayn leads the way up the mountain