Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fall colors on Cerro Alto Mt. Better late than never , thought I should share some fall colors on Cerro Alto -San Luis Obispo co . Ca.

Friday, February 19, 2010

* tired of rain

Friday 2-19-10 , and more rain !
Once again
I got caught in the rain but I had my winter pack so I quickly suited up in my rain gear and continued hiking . I do enjoy the rain but I have had enough rain for the year . I am ready for summer !

* bear

A couple of years ago I met this bear on the trail near Pozo . This bear did not want to give up the trail. I had to bushwhack up around it. Stubborn guy it gave me a false charge , but it was fun .

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

*Cerro Alto 2-17-10

2-17-10 Tuesday and there is a touch of spring in the weather. A little sunshine brings out the early flowers , creativity and lots of campers and hikers. This flowering bush I love and soon there will be thousands of these on the mountain along with many other. Does anybody know what the name of this flower is >

Monday, February 15, 2010


Feel like posting a little of the John Muir Trail and that is me cresting the Donahue Pass a 13000 ft pass. The Mountain over looking the lake is Banner Peak and Garnett Lake ( the first mountin and lake photoat top )

*more Copper Canyon

I hiked Cerro Alto yesterday the weather was great . Many people on the mountain enjoying the beautiful weekend but I was nursing a sore right foot which made hiking a little tough . This reminded me of the natives of the Copper Canyon and their bare feet and all the running they do. Check out the foot photo of earlier posting . These guys don't know what it is to wear shoes yet they run hundreds of miles weekly. It really makes me wonder about foot health ? Today I am posting from the 06 race the 50 mile race in which Ornolfo , the native who won the race , you will see him close up and running along side of the worlds number one ultra runner Scott Jurek. Th man with the pen and note book in hand is Christopher McDougall the author of best selling book" Born To Run "

Friday, February 12, 2010

*Cerro Alto 2-11-10

Took a late hike on Cerro Alto today ( Thursday the 11 ) I went to the west ridge . Morro Rock was spooky and dark . I found a lot of cougar tracks near the shed . actually I have seen many fresh tracks here in the past couple of weeks . The cat tracks are of all sizes so I am sure there is a new family near by as the tracks are close to fresh water puddles on this trail.

*Beach Hike

I love beach hikes because of the unique beauty I encounter .Beach hiking is not as challenging as mountain trails but often very rewarding --- View the slide show and see if you agree ?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

*Lady Bugs

2-12-10 ---A couple of days ago , on a dry day the sun came out and the lady bugs appeared . They gather by the thousands in sunny spots along the trails of Cerro Alto. I saw a little boy with his arms covered with lady bugs and he was so proud ! I should have taken a photo of him --my mistake !

*Painted Lady and Banner Peak paintings

I love painting locations and events that I have visited . Here I share the Painted Lady , the mountain on the Rae Lake Loop in Kings canyon . this painting is the one with the bright reflection in the water . The other painting is of Banner Peak overlooking Garnett Lake . I am told that this mountain is the most photographed mountain on the John Muir Trail . Both of these paintings are 40 inchs and are in oil .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

*Copper Canyon Native Runners

These were some of the Tarahumara men who raced our American runners in a 50 mile race . I am posting a couple of more photos . The guys hiked 40 miles from Botopilas to Urique in one day ! The race was started in the town of Urique.

In 2006 , I made a trip to the Copper Canyon with my son Luis a ultra runner . He and six other runners raced 50 miles with the natives of this canyon . This race is now fetured in a Best Selling Book " Born to Run" by Mc Dougal. More on the details later as I am now going to hike . I just wanted to post a couple of photos

*more on PineRidge Trail

couple of more photos including a sunrise and sunset

*more on Pine Ridge Trail

sunset and sunrise

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

*Pine ridge trail

These photos were taken in November of 09 from the Pine ridge trail . We started the hike at China Camp trail head located west of Greenfield Ca. and hiked to the coast . The hike was slow and tough ! fires and rain had damaged trails and all signs . But the trip was great as the views were spectacular as we could see Junipero Cerra peak , the ocean , Ventana cone peak , Pine Valley and much more . The weather was cold and damp .The sunsets and sunrises were beautiful. I promise to post more photos of this area later. This blog limits the number of photos one can post at a time.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

*Cerro Alto 2-7-09 5:PM

Just returned from a Cerro Alto hike . Had a great time .weather was fairly clear . I enjoyed this couple's energy !

*People on Photos of Cerro Alto

the view of the Morro Bay Rock is from the summit of Cerro Alto.
There is a 360 degree view from this summit .

As promised , here are a couple of brighter photos of Cerro Alto

*still raining on Cerro Alto 2-6-10

Still raining !! Well it is late and I gettin off the Cerro Alto trail at dark , about 5:45PM as you can see by two photos . I am going to post these and then post a couple of brighter photos of Cerro Alto .

Saturday, February 6, 2010

*Grand Canyon

Today its raining and I will get wet on my daily hike , So---------.

Time to warm up the images and what better way than to post some grand canyon photos .