Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cerro Alto Hiking rewards

There are times that a reward awaits a rain hiker , today after hiking six miles  in a rain storm with a close friend
 we were awarded with a cold beer and a warm hug
by a gorgeous young lady hiker .
The location is the trail head of Cerro Alto mountain  in SLO Co . Cal .
on hwy 41 between Morro Bay and Atascadero Ca
See other postings for photos of Cerro Alto mountain
The young lady above is Hanna .
Young hikers -- eat your heart
out !

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Rinconada Trail
located in San Luis Obispo Co . the Los Padres National Forest near Pozo ca.
posting  a few photos taken yesterday 12-8-12
As you can see by these fresh bear tracks , these guys are still active !
The tracks were many and of different sizes . I often see bear tracks on my daily hikes

note worthy , I wear a zize 13 shoe
As I have said many times , rainy weather is fun and the photo is my dog Sierra enjoying a puddle in the rain.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Rainy season is here !

I know I don't look happy in the rain but I really do enjoy getting wet and I hike daily -- rain or shine . The rain offers different trail adventures as it brings out more wild life . Since there is less human traffic , the animals become bolder and use the trails more during the day . I have seen turkeys , salamanders , deer , and even cats appear on the trail during the rain . Tracking is fun when the ground is wet as you can easily determine the age of the tracks during the rain . I have seen cougar tracks on top other hiker tracks that I have met on the trail . I have even seen cat tracks on top of my own tracks !
cat track

cat track

coyote track above
dog track above
I took the above photo in the rain after passing another hiker who had left the fading boot track
underneath the cat track . The other hiker and I were the only other people on the mountain hiking
in the rain . we were passing each other whie walking in the opposite direction . It was raining
very heavy and his tracks were fading fast so as you can see a cat was following him and this a
common occurrence as wild life love to track humans .
The above shot was made at
Cerro Alto Just after a light rain fall at the Sweet Water Mine

Monday, November 19, 2012

Pine Ridge Trail
Pine ridge trail , a 23 mile long trail crossing the national forest mountains between China Camp and Big Sur on Highway 1 on the Calif . Coast This trek started at China Camp located west of Greenfield Ca. via G16 and Tasahara road . The weather was cold but clear with night time lows of mid 20 s and day time highs in the 60s.
Above is tue adventurous gang  that I hiked the trail with , from left to right is Bryan , Linden , Melessa , and Autumn with her 6 month old puppy Barlow . The dog in the front is my Sierra she is eleven months old and about to enjoy her fourth back packing trip .
From the very beginning of the trail head we knew that we were going to experience some cold weather as can be seen in the photo of Sierra eating snow which fell one week ago .This time of the year the colors are beautiful especially in pine Valley .

The church Creek Divide gives a hint of the color to follow in the valley . see below photo

Below is Autumn Office mgr for Atascadero news and she is quite a strong hiker .
The following are a few of the many views to be enjoyed on this trail .

Below our hiking crew enjoy the valley.

Below is Sierra enjoying the view of Junipera Serra , the tallest peak in the Ventana wilderness
5400 ft .
My journey ended with the trek to Pine Valley but the rest of the group went on to the Ridge
and the following is a sunset photo from that location .
Thanks again for viewing my blog !
for many more colorful photos of this trail see posting in 2010 Pine Valley Fall Colors . the 2010 posting has more color and also includes phtos of the Caves .

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Junipera Serra Peak

The image above is of Junipera Serra mountain , the tallest peak in the Ventana Wilderness as viewed from the top of Cerro Alto on a clear day . Bear mountain is on the right .The are a mile apart with Bear mountain approximately one  miles farther back . Many hikers ask me how to identify the mountain . well shoot a bearing 314 degrees from the top of Cerro Alto and you will see same .Enlarge the photo for a better view . Click on the image . Remember this mountain is over 50 miles away .

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hiking and living the dream

The photo above is the summit of Cerro Alto located in the Las Padres National forest near my home of Atascadero Ca. I never tire of looking down from a mountain top and I have noticed that my dog Serra loves doing the same .
Frequently I observe other hikers enjoying the view from the top and I love photographing them while they are living the dream . I often wonder  , what is it that they are thinking when they look down from the mountain ?
I feel elevated to a higher conscious .
Taking photos seems to be a common reaction to the view from the top but I think it is the feeling one gets just by observing the view and a photo can not duplicate this moment .
Above is my son Luis living the dream from a high ledge in the Grand Canyon and I can tell that he too is feeling a lifted spirit when looking at the vistas from high mountain trails  !
The young lady above , I had the pleasure of visiting with . Her name is Maggie and it was her first time to summit and enjoy this view . The excitement in her eyes and her in voice was a treasure to enjoy !
The clouds below the summit turn golden at sunset .
Morning views are also special .
Above I enjoy a morning view from Rinconida trail .
Oh ! The sunsets are always so special !