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Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

San Luis Obispo Co wild life and Hiking

Wild Life

I am often asked to post some photos of wild life I have encountered
below are a few photos I will post later , time permitting .
All of these photos , except one  ( the large bear ) are local in the
Los Padres  Forest .

Hikers often tell me that they don't see much wild life .
They ask me for tips on how to see more animals .
My tips are as follow :
* Hike at sun rise and sunset .
* Hike alone .
* Dont listen to music .
Slow down !
*Stop often and look !
* Pay attention to tracks and hike in areas that game is working .
If you have a dog , train it to help you see wild life .

located in the  Los Padres Forest
Btw.  Morro Bay and Atascadero Ca.

Thule Elk

youmg bucks ready to fight
I whistle toget their attention .

above , fight in progress in Pozo area

Kit Fox on Cerro Alto

above  a deer

Mountain lion track  -- Cerro Alto
I hike daily and several times a week I see lion tracks
I see lions monthly but they are toofast to get a photo of .
I photographed   a night shot with a motion activated camera . 
Above a Golden Eagle .
I have photographed many of same .

above bear scat --- blue berries -- Cerro Alto
above   bear  scat manzanita berry
These berries are Cinnamon flavor

bear scat --- grass

very large bear scat -- manzanita berries

small bear --- Pozo area  250 lbs

above -- large bear 500 plus  -- Bear Creek area

very large bear tracks --  Pozo area ( my shoe is size 13 )

Rattle snake   Cerro alto
I see many every week -- often I see several daily .

above a golden eagle  -- wing spans 7 ft
Tom turkey -- Pozo area
this turkey tried to attack me .

Hawk -- Pozo area

Hawk in flight

lady bugs in the spring on Cerro Alto
Banana Slug on Cerro alto

above -- night shot of mountain lion

doves above

wild pigs

golden eagle in flight

golden eagle in tree

 above -- turkey tracks--Pozo area

Above is my daily hiking companion Sierra .
She is three years old .
I know she is not wild life , but I love her .

Above is Sheena -- a professional dancer .
As a professional photographer , I enjoy shooting on Cerro Alto.
I just added this photo to spice things up !

Above is a lion track in the mud , these guys love to use the trails in the rain --
 Cerro Alto trail .
lots of lizzards on the trail

Red tail hawk in flight
I see many hawks .

Cerro Alto trail --- butterfly

Large bear scat on Cerro alto

Bush bunny on Cerro Alto

Fox on Cerro Alto trail

Above and below photos are of a lion foot print on top of a human
hiker's foot print . I hike in the rain . This day , I met this hiker
in a rain storm and noted the lion stalking him .
Look closely and you will see the lion track on top of the
hiker's shoe print . all faded away within minutes .
Lions love to stalk hikers . They usually stalk along
hidden in the chaparral , however when hiking on a in and
out trail on a rainy day I often see myself being stalked .
Now that I have a dog , this no longer happens as Sierra
my dog guards me constantly .

baby mouse , note the size compared to the blade of grass

above  --- raven in flight
I often see flocks of these in flight .

Another Golden eagle .

When hiking under trees  , look up , youwill often be surprised
at what ypu will see !

coyote scat--- note the hair 

another rattler

Dragon fly--- above

Above Buck in velvet ---- new forked horns

above -- a doe at side of trail 
Look right and left of trail -- deer blend in and stand still .

Tom thrkey in the middle of trail .
I often see animals on the trail when hiking slowly 
and alone .
I have often walked to within two or three feet of 
a deer , turkey ,rabbit , or fox when I am 
down wind from them and their back is to me .
Tip --- when  are hiking into a head wind ,
slow down and walk quietly and you may
surprise an animal .
All three above wild life were on Cerro Alto .

Remember I hike with a dog and this requires 
full cooperation of the dog .
Below is Sierra ----- quiet and pointing  .
She helps me see  .

Cerro Alto Quail

above --- a peacock 
This is another example of how a trained dog
can help you locate a wildlife .
My dog pointed out this bird that was hidden 
50 to 60 ft. off trail .

above ---- a night shot of a red fox 

above ---- Mule Deer track 
note the size and the dew claw marks 

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