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Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Pine Ridge Trail

Pine Ridge Trail 4-2015

Once again , we hiked the Pine ridge Trail . Mark , Wayne , Bill and Myself hiked with a triple purpose adventure . 
  1. Visiting Jack English was definitely a goal as we were informed that he would be flying in by helicopter for a visit to his cabin .
  2. Mark wanted to visit the Caves and see some native American cave drawings .
  3. We hoped to enjoy some wild flowers  
I got lucky and accomplished all three goals . The wild flowers were beautiful and at their blooming peak . Jack did in fact fly in and we visited with him and his son . Mark enjoyed the Caves and the drawings . 
And once again , Bill surprised us with a visit in Pine Valley . He hiked in with a dinner to die for .
we enjoyed shrimp , cheeses , baked salmon , chicken casserole , bread , fine wine , and pie for dessert . This makes two years consecutively that Bill has done this for us . This is  a hard act to repay as he had to carry all this in a back pack for six miles with an elevation gain of 1000 ft .

Please enjoy the photos .

Above Sierra enjoying the wild flowers .

Myself and the Monterey Ba yin the background .

above --Wayne

too steep for gathering a bouquet 

above Pine Valley

Mark -- teaching us about flowers

above --- deer leg left behind by a cougar 

cave drawings , above and beow

more drawings

above -- the caves

more shots of the caves


note worthy -- we had lunch in the caves
Life doesn't get any better !

above   Jack at 95 years of age

above Jack's son Denis

above dennis and Jack

above photo taken at the Church Ranch

dinner at Jacks cabin

after dinner music by Denis and wayne
Try this video 

above Denis and Jack

myself and Jack

This is a selfy of Bill , the friend responsible for the great dinner in the wilderness .
Without Bill this hiking adventure would not have come together as 
he kept me up to date on Jack and arranged th caves visit .
And I can't say enough about the dinner and three botttles of fine red wine !

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