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Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Trail Dog Training

Dog snake Training

Sierra ---age three years old

Sierra and I hike daily all year long . Local hikers with  dogs often ask me how Sierra reacts upon seeing snakes . I explain that I started training sierra to avoid snakes when she was a puppy , and that now I trust her alertness and ability to detect snakes far better than I myself can . She has advantages 
over my skills . Sierra can hear , smell , and see better than I . She now warns me of the presence of snakes  Year one and two I purchased rattle snake prevention shots to protect her . Now Sierra is three years old and trained to avoid snakes so I no longer buy her the shots . I refresh her training every spring with training videos on the big TV screen ..  
the following are but a few samples of snake training . This video ends with sierra three and one half years of age barking at a rattler snake . I hope that your computer is capable of showing all of the video . 

I know that e-collars are possibly the most popular way of training 
but I personally prefer a more humane approach to any dog training goals .
But , that is another subject .
Thus far all the skill sets Sierra has learned for her job 
as a trail dog and security dog have been learned 
through the reward method !
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