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Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bear Creek Trail 2014

Bear Creek Trail
The following is an adventure that took place in late July , starting out at the Vermilion Resort ( always a treat , good  food , wine , cold beer and great people ) . We four wheeled in my Jeep to the diversion dam , and then hiked up the Beer Creek trail , fishing along the way . The weather was cool most every day and rain showers occasionally blessed us .
Our party included myself , Wayne , Mark , and wonder dog Sierra . That's us shown in the first photo below standing in front of my Jeep . Our adventure was a week plus long and we had a ball . We caught fish , met great folks , ate well saw a large bear , and celebrated my seventy fifth birthday .

Sierra always finds friends .

That is Mark a wilderness photographer
and botanist .
Of course Sierra is on duty guarding him .

Sierra always leading the way .
Joe taking a noon nap as usual with Sierra
standing guard .

There is wayne scouting out the trail .

Sierra finds more friends .

This large bear added a lot of excitement
to our our adventure as he appeared to us while
we were fishing the BearCreek .
Wonder dog Sierra gave us a head s up 2 to 3 minutes
before the bear appeared . Good work Sierra.

Wayne and Sierra at work fishing .

Mark crossing stream .

Lou Beverly Lake

JMT couple traveling style.

This couple gave me a beer to celebrate my
75 th birthday .

camped here the night of my birthday

Sierra on night guard duty .

Sierra watching Mark swim
in Sandpiper Lake .

Sierra leading the way home .
Sierra now 2 and 1/2 years old , a daily hiker
did an excellent jof of finding and
breaking trail .
This was her 8th backpacking trip .

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