Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Friday, April 30, 2010

Cerro Alto

( Cerro Alto --in Los Padres National forest near Atascadero Ca. )

Today I met some interesting hikers at the top of Cerro Alto .
Dennis Vaca of Atascadero says they were training for an endurance race
of 50 miles.
As a daily hiker of this mountain , I found this to be a rare sight as riders usually only climb half way up this mountain .

I have also included some local color --- one a beautiful flower arrangement and the other some shot gun shell litter , both found this day on this beautiful mountain .
I will return tomorrow with a bag to clean up the shells as there were to many on the road to store in my pockets .

1 comment:

john said...

Hi Joe-
My name is John Hacker. Met you a couple weeks ago at Cerro Alto with my wife. I recognized you from your website. I see we have a few things in common. Law Enforcement, hiking, and my parents used to own Earth Spirit gallery in Morro Bay. I thought we might enjoy chatting while hiking a few miles sometime. Pleasure meeting you.

John Hacker