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Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Falls 4-2010

( Big Fall trail is located in the Los Padres National forest ) east of Santa Margarita Ca ., in San Luis Obispo Co.
For those of you who are not familiar with same , this trail can be accessed from High Mountain Road above Pozo Ca.
I love hiking a longer version starting at the trail head of Rinconada trail off Pozo road to High Mountain road and then west on High Mountain road for approx 1.5 miles to Big falls trail head and then 3 miles down to the falls . total loop is 12 miles .

Saturday April 17 , I finally succeeded in
finding Big Falls with a full water fall .
The wild flowers were in full bloom and
much trail work completed . The weather
and very warm , I met many
hikers . Some were even fishing . All was good !


Anonymous said...

Hey, Joe, this is Greg of Cayucos. We met on Cerro Alto last summer as I readied to hike Great Glen Way. On Sat. Apr. 14 we met again on Big Falls Trail. I was running low on water and was really tired. I had hiked down and then started back up. I had played tennis the day before. Well, thanks for the life-saving tablet and extra water. I did get back to the road by hiking five minutes/resting five minutes as you said. I was a mile or so onto the road and feeling pretty good, but still caught a ride back with the anglers just to be on the safe side. I am heading back this Saturday, but will start at Lopez Canyon Road lot and hike up, then down. I will also pack Gatorade and power bars instead of just water and raisins. Thanks again for the water and tablet. I shall keep you in my prayers. I was really impressed by the trail work the kids were doing for Civilian Conservation Corp. I also so the biggest from I have ever seen in my life. It was bigger than my hand. If I get a picture, I will send it to you. Shalom.

Anonymous said...

My tying was bad. I meant "I saw the biggest frog I have ever seen in my life. The frog was bigger than my hand.

Anonymous said...

I will try this one more time. My typing was bad, as well as my proof-reading. I meant: "I saw the biggest frog I have ever seen in my life. The frog was bigger than my hand." I feel better now. My keyboard has a lisp.

Joe Ramirez said...

Greg I am happy that you made it !! and thanks for the prayers .
E- mail me At