Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Mistaken Identity of animals on the trail

Strange and Funny Occurrences 
Cerro Altos

I enjoyed a hike with my dog Sierra and late in the day Sierra was hiking approximately 
20 yards ahead of me . She just walked around a switchback and was momentarily out of sight 
when I heard a girl scream . As I rounded the switch I encountered two girls , one of them said  " I thought your dog was a bear . "  Note that my dog was wearing a backpack as she does daily .
Note worthy is an incident that occurred earlier this year , also on Cerro Alto , I was hiking with my dog Sierra who was wearing a backpack . She rounded a switch back about 20 yards ahead of me when I heard a Young man scream as I came in contact with him I asked if he was OK as he was still waving his arms in the air . He calmed down and  apologized  saying he thought the dog was a 
mountain lion . I asked if he really thought a lion would wear a backpack ?
he laughed and moved on his way .

What do you think ?
Below is Sierra and  ??


Ryan said...

Hi Joe, I've chatted with you once on the trail. This post is pretty funny. I love the part 'would a mountain lion wear a backpack?' hahaha Probably half the time its more of a startle when someone comes around a corner and sees an animal. Does Sierra wear a bell?

Joe Ramirez said...

Ryan , Sierra does not wear a bell , and thanks forthe come back . II am often asked by hikers about wild life , predators that is . I think it is the new hiker that frightens easily .
If you have visited my blog often you may have seen a lot of wild life postings . However , lions and bears are seldom seen , they are fast to run . Sierra is trained to point out wild life and alert me of any predator animals .

Ryan said...

Hi Joe, yes new hikers aren't quite sure what to expect out on the trail. We live in a new world where many people don't end up outside all of the time. That is quite nice to have Sierra with you to alert you and enjoy the trail with you!