Looking at Morro Bay from Cerro Alto

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Cerro Alto
Deer Season
Aug the 12th. Sierra and I enjoyed our hike to the summit of Cerro Alto as you can see Sierra at the top of the mountain . on the way back down Sierra was shot on the right side by a careless hunter from a distance of 4/10 mile . The photo with the bullet wound was taken after her visit to the emergency hospital . Several shots struck around us she was hit with one .
Folks be careful , there are some very careless hunters out there . It is my opinion that hunting should be prohibited in hiking trail areas such Cerro Alto located on Highway 41 between Morro Bay and Atascadero Ca. in SLO Co.
The hiking traffic here is very heavy .
Sierra below before she was shot.
wound after hospital treatment

Sierra is now improving fast and hiking
short distances . We were lucky that the bullet traveled a long distance and lost much of it's power . No broken bones
Just pain and hurt feelings and much anger !


Anonymous said...

It terrible those bullets could had killed both of you or other hike. I hike Cerro Alto now I am afraid to do so..

Anonymous said...

wow! that's not right.... something needs to be done about that! any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Joe ,even it deer shouldn't be allow so near to a hiking trail..

Anonymous said...

Joe ,even it deer shouldn't be allow so near to a hiking trail..

Anonymous said...

-Joe my name is sharon and i e-mail you regarding this far no repond from you..I hike with few group to cerro alto and it a great concern what happen..It bad enough to the bullet hit your dog what happen next time if it hit a child or a hiker..I feel it our responsibility to report incident like this to the right person in charge..I did made a report to the Los Padres National Forest and got 2 reply for them ..They are as concern on this incident..and do something about it..i will hate to think next time when i hike cerro alto a bullet hit me..Hunter have the right to be there so are hikers..Everyone have our responsibility to hunt and hike ..Hunter have to be aware there are hikers out there not just deers lol..Below is a E-mail i receive from jennifer

Hello Sharon, I received your email yesterday about the dog that was shot near Cerro Alto Trail. This must have been very upsetting. I’m glad that the dog survived. I forwarded it to the recreation and law enforcement staff and the concession staff who manage the campground so they are aware of the situation.

Hunting season is from August 10 – September 22nd. It’s my understanding that the area around Cerro Alto is a restricted area – no discharging of a fire arm or hunting. I will confirm this with the Santa Lucia Ranger District.

Was the dog shot accidentally? Did you see who shot the dog? Was it someone who was hunting up there? Or was it just a stray bullet that hit the dog?

You may want to wait until after September 22nd to hike there. Please let me know if I can help you further.

Jennifer Gray
Visitor Information Assistant
Los Padres National Forest
6755 Hollister Ave. Ste 150
Goleta, CA 93117

Anonymous said...

Joe I believe it was an accident and Sierra hit by a stray bullet. That what I told Jennifer. If you want to get the record straight if I was wrong I suggest you call Jennifer to make an report..


bubblegum casting said...

wow thats lucky that sierra is fine. dumb hunters!

Anonymous said...

As a responsible hunter, this kind of action makes me disgusted and is not representative of 99% of hunters, it was pure irresponsibility and if I had saw anyone taking a shot at anything nearly a half mile away I personally would have chewed their asses. That being said, the opportunity to hunt especially in the coastal range is few and far between, essentially limited only to national forest where the opportunity to hike is wide open.