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Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pine Ridfe Trail May 2011

1s week or May 2011 , on the Pine Ridge Trail in the Ventana Wilderness again. I love this wilderness . My hiking companion is is a young athlete , John Hacker of Atascadero Ca . this trail adventure starts at China Camp trail head located on Tassahara rd west of Greenfield Ca. We were a little too early for the spring colors , the weather was cool , the nights cold in the low 30s . en route we met CCC crew on horse back at a very narrow part of the trail , it was difficult to make room for them to pass . I was impressed with the trail work they did , note some of the photos of them working and the clean trail ! Our first night was in Pine Valley where we had to visit Jack English a 93 year old man who lives in a primitive style , That is him with me , he is wearing thew brown jacket . Jack seems i good health . He says he will love the strawberries ands chocolate I took to him .

That's me below , nice having a photographer along on thew hike ! Thanks John .

This profile is of John with Junipero Sierra mountain behind him .

Check out the clean trail , thanks to the hard work of the CCC .

Dangerous trail !

This marker was left on Ventana Cone South mountain , nobody was around ?

On The valley floor ---- for more valley photos see Pine Ridge fall posting of November 2010 .

Above is John demonstrating the proper method of starting a camp fire .

The intersection to the Pine Ridge camp area , last time I was here there was no signs or markings .

Sunrise at ridge camp .

Twin Peaks as seen from the ridge , this view is looking south west .

Sunset from the ridge .

strange view looking north west from the ridge .

View south west and below the ridge , that is the Pine ridge trail going down to the coast .

From top of the mountain just north of our camp on the ridge , look carefully and you will see a tent .

close up photo of the Pine Ridge trail continuing to the coast .
For more photos of the Pine Ridge , see Pine Ridge Trail Fall Colors , November 2010

Thanks !

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