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Joe in the Ventana Wilderness

Joe in the Ventana Wilderness
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pine Ridge Trail 3-20-10

We started this hike at the China Camp area west of Greenfield Ca. The trail continues west to Big Sur State park on Hwy 1

Yes that is me with a horse , the photo is a little fuzzy but I like it as it reminds me of the fun I had ! And that is me also going under a tree fall . Hard work on an old man !!

This Pine Ridge trip was beautiful but difficult as there were many , many dead tree falls and climbing over and under them was hard work while wearing a 40 lb. pack !I was a little disappointed not finding wild flowers yet as in my area the mountains are now covered with flowers . But I enjoyed the scenery just the same as one of my favorite models hiked with us . Her name is Hanna and she is a Berkley student on spring break . I have watched this girl grow up as a dancer and actress and now enjoy her as a backpacking hiker ! For more photos of the trail vistas see my posting on Pine Ridge Trail of 2-10-10
We also met some fun people , cowboys and of course Jack English a 91 year old resident of Pine Valley and he is doing fine. Jack is always a pleasure to visit and he still hikes out to buy groceries.

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